Acceptable Use Policy

Please see below for the Capital Area Advanced Research and Education Network's (CAAREN's) acceptable use policy.

  • Use of CAAREN services shall be in support of the network's and member institutions' core missions of research and education
  • CAAREN services may be used for all legal purposes, provided such use does not adversely affect CAAREN or other members' operations, as determined by CAAREN
  • The network may not be used for:
    • Any illegal activity
    • Gaining access to systems for which one does not have authorization
  • Institutions eligible for CAAREN¬†membership may not share an individual connection and must connect to CAAREN separately
  • Member traffic may be subject to other acceptable use policies when such traffic transits other networks (e.g., Internet2)
CAAREN & Colonial One

CAAREN & Colonial One Use Acknowledgement

Have you used CAAREN or Colonial One for an award, publication or project? If so, let us know! Please fill out this form to help us document and credit the use of these systems.