Jaroslav Flidr

Principal Architect for Research Cloud Computing
GW Staff Directory

Jaroslav Flidr has a strong background in physics, electrical engineering, mathematics and computer science and twenty years of active programming experience. He has worked extensively at both project management and business strategy levels, and on actual architectures and implementations. His involvements range from working with local businesses to global-reach endeavors. He is an accomplished network engineer, well-versed in the current telecom hardware, technologies and protocols. He has been involved in the deployment of the high-speed dynamic optical infrastructure and the development of the related technologies on global basis, collaborating with organizations on multiple continents.

Dr. Flidr is a prolific programmer and has spent last twenty years building complex systems, developing the related software and implementing their interfaces. These systems range from global-scale distributed network infrastructures and Cloud/HPC systems to embedded Linux devices. Furthermore, for a number of years, he has been collaborating with companies specializing in scientific and engineering applications (e.g. Wolfram Research, Altair, Simulia, etc.) and thanks to this exposure he is proficient in scientific and engineering programming as well.

His role at GW is to develop and deploy new technology to help the GW research community to optimize their use of campus Cyberinfrastructure.