Network Overview

CAAREN is a research network built to support the most demanding research.  We have a dedicated 100Gbps connection to Internet2’s Advanced Layer 2 Service (AL2S).

Technical Information
CAAREN’s network consists of a Juniper MX480 with 100Gbps, 10Gbps, and 1Gbps interfaces.  To reach Internet2, we use GW’s DWDM infrastructure. CAAREN connects to an ONS15454 using 100GBASE-SR10 parallel short range optics. Using the latest dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology (including reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexors, or ROADMS, and coherent optics), the signal is carried to the Internet2 point-of-presence (PoP) at the Level3 Gateway in Mclean, Virginia. There, we connect to an OpenFlow-enabled Brocade MLXe switch for the Advanced Layer2 Service.

Currently, we have 4 circuits enabled to reach the Advanced Layer 3 Service IP services nodes in Washington and New York (IPv4 and IPv6 are on separate circuits, for a total of 4).

CAAREN & Colonial One

CAAREN & Colonial One Use Acknowledgement

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