Andrew Gallo

Principal IT Architect

Andrew Gallo is a Washington, DC based Principal IT Architect and Network Engineer, responsible for design and implementation of the enterprise network for GW. Areas of specialization include the university-wide area connections, including a 150 kilometer DWDM ring, designing a multicampus routing policy and business continuity planning for two online datacenters. Andrew started during the Internet upswing of the mid to late 90s installing and terminating fiber. As his career progressed, he has had experience with technologies from FDDI to ATM, and all speeds of Ethernet, including a recent deployment of several metro area 100Gbps circuits. Focusing not only on data networks, Andrew has experience in traditional TDM voice, VoIP, and real-time, unified collaboration technologies. He has participated in Economic Growth DC Foundation’s Code4Life initiative which is an after school program offering instruction in basic computer programming to middle and high school DC Public Schools and Charter school students.