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The Division of Information Technology provides a number of research technology services for GW students, faculty, staff and community members. These services support computationally intensive research computing and are designed to enhance the university's research and education goals. Learn more about high-performance computing, research and service development, shared research infrastructure and regulated environments and data protection. 


CAAREN Collaborates With A*STAR Computational Research Center To Help Create a Galaxy of Supercomputers

The Division of IT Research Technology Services team has collaborated with A*STAR Computational Research Center (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) in Singapore on the Long-haul InfiniCortex project. The major concept of InfiniCortex involves connecting separate InfiniBand sub-nets with different net topologies to create a single computational resource: a galaxy of supercomputers that have the ability to provide a level of concurrent supercomputing necessary for supporting Big Data and Exascale computing. Enabled by the InfiniBand extension technology supporting transcontinental distances with Obsidian’s Longbow range extenders and a high bandwidth (10 to 100Gbps) intercontinental connectivity such as Internet2, the current InfiniCortex infrastructure is comprised of computing resources residing globally at multiple locations in Singapore, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, France and Poland.  



The George Washington University Introduces CAAREN
ACUTA Journal, Spring 2016

Beyond Network: Regional Organizations as Effective Workflow Integrators
Prepared by Don DuRousseau and Jarda Flidr, Research Technology Services, Division of Information Technology